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Workers of the Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) are dedicated to fulfilling the organization’s Mission and Vision, providing services since 1940 which have made us Canada’s leading advocate and service provider for culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life.

To protect our community and clients, CHS needs to stand for what it believes, as reflected in our Mission and Vision statements – we believe in an accessible world without economic, social or emotional barriers, based on equity and fairness. This includes worker rights and protections currently reflected in our Collective Agreement, our employment contract, a model we hope is emulated and aspired to, and is the world we want to leave our children as they grow and enter the workforce of the future.

Unfortunately, CHS wants to take away many important worker rights, protections and benefits, setting the wrong example for others to follow, an example which will ultimately result in our disadvantaged clients becoming more disadvantaged.

You can help! By signing our petition you can tell CHS you prefer not to engage in concession bargaining. Your vision of a decent world includes fair and reasonable worker rights, protections and benefits which, by setting a strong example, will help the disadvantaged groups we serve. In this way we can provide the best programs and services to our clients and community, we can advocate with integrity.

Thank you for sharing our Mission and Vision, and for supporting the dedicated and hard working staff at CHS. We are grateful for your continued support.

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One thought on “Help Avoid a Strike or Lockout, Sign Our Petition

  1. I am writing to you in support of the workers. I am not sure that you will remember me, but my name is Lorne Trevors, I was the servicing representative many years ago, and I currently reside in NS, I have always spoken highly of you as an employer, and how you did care for your staff, who work with a venerable group of community members, they work so hard, and do amazing work>

    To hear about this type of bargaining disappoints me, and to think you were consider a good employer at one time. The workers had gone without for many years, while they continued to put a positive face forward, this is not acceptable, I would think that the management group in CHS would be better then this, you need to withdraw your concession, and work with the staff to improve the services, and the quality of work life.

    just saying

    Lorne Trevors

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