Our Mission And Vision

The mission of CHS, created in after much consultation with our community, is to:

  • remove barriers to communication
  • advance hearing health
  • promote equity for people who are culturally Deaf, oral deaf, deafened and hard of hearing

We are guided by a vision, a world to work toward, as stated in our vision statement.

Our vision is a society where people are respected; have full access to communication; and are able to participate without social, economic or emotional barriers.

This means the groups we represent and advocate for are the disadvantaged, those unable to fully participate in society due to communicative, social, economic and emotional barriers.

Huddling by a water fountainHow CHS treats its own workers is a direct reflection of how it treats its clients, whether we are working towards that mission and vision, since we are also in many cases part of the disadvantaged groups we advocate for.  Ours is a workplace which is not supposed to create barriers but to dismantle them.  Ours is a workplace which, in many ways, should be the example for others to follow.

We, the workers of CHS, always remember our mission and vision.

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