Who We Are

1010916_10151724763004328_1830647083_nWe are a unionized workplace, representing about 260 passionate and dedicated workers of the Canadian Hearing Society who provide the best programs and services to our clients through 27 local offices across the province of Ontario.  We serve Deaf, oral deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people across the country.

We Are:

Speech Language Pathologists
ASL and LSQ Interpreters, Deaf Interpreters and Interpreter Booking Coordinators
Deaf-Blind Intervenors
Hearing Care Counselors
Mental Health (CONNECT) Counselors
Employment Counselors
General Support Services Counselors
Communication Devices Specialists
Deaf Workforce Lifeskills and Literacy Instructors (for Deaf newcomers)
Sign Language Instructors
Financial Services Staff
Administrative and Receptionist Staff
Program Assistants
Information Officers
IT Support Staff

We Are United In Our Passion And Dedication To Our Clients

Providing the best programs and services, we care very deeply about those we help, we are living and working toward our community mandated mission and vision.

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